In the days before your wedding, how did you imagine your marriage?

Wasn’t it a picture of two happy people deeply in love? It was going to be a fairytale, it was going to be beautiful… what is it like in reality? Unfortunately that fairytale often ends quickly and then you begin the school of survival. We will learn at the No Ordinary Marriage conference, there is a way to reverse this process. If your marriage is not what you would like it to be, this conference is for you. If you marriage is good, it can certainly be even better.

We invite you to take part in the No Ordinary Marriage conference, led by Dr. Tim Savage. Tim is the author of the book by this same title, a marriage counselor and pastor with more than 20 years experience. This conference is both for newlyweds as well as for those who have been married for many years. It is wise to learn from the mistakes of others and if you have not been married for long there are many potential dangers and pitfalls in your future. Many of them can be avoided if you know beforehand how to steer clear of them.  Maybe you have been married for so long and have made so many mistakes that you have no hope. Maybe your marriage is good, yet you are aware that something is missing. If so, this conference is for you. You do not have to settle for an ordinary marriage.

However, this conference is not just for married couples! We happily invite all singles. If you have not yet found your future spouse, this conference will help prepare you for the day when you do. If you do not know if your calling is to live as a single or married, maybe this conference will help you discover your calling. Practical advice which flows out of the truth of the Gospel will help us see how we can build or restore our marriage relationships. Show your spouse that your marriage is a high priority to you and invite them to set aside these days to focus on improving your marriage. You will also have the opportunity to meet some new people with whom you can share your experiences. Or if you are single, maybe this will be the place for you to meet another single… this could be your day! The beautiful views and the unique atmosphere of Szklarska Poreby will be icing on the cake.

On Saturday the conference will be translated to Polish and Polish sign language. Get your ticket today!

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